10 tips for creating a garden that sells

When you’re selling your home you want it to look its best for potential buyers; this means ensuring the interior and exterior of your home are beautifully presented. One area you shouldn’t neglect is the garden, which is why we have put together 10 tips to create a garden that will help sell your home.

1. Clean and tidy The reality of daily life is such that even though we have great intentions of creating and maintaining a perfect garden, it doesn’t always work out like that. It’s time to get busy and start to clean and tidy every area, from your patio to your flowerbeds and pots, and even inside your shed.

2. DIY You may have a broken fence, or a gate that you have been meaning to fix for a while - whatever is broken needs mending. It is easy when you live with something every day to not see it clearly, but buyers will see every detail, and you don’t want them to be put off by something that can be easily fixed.

3. Paint Freshen up paintwork and wood stain in your garden; it is amazing how a new coat of wood stain or paint on a fence can increase a garden’s overall appeal. Don’t forget your decking, and even the door that leads to your garden.

4. Power wash Just like a paint touch up, a power wash can eliminate the grime from a patio and make it look like new again.

5. Planting You have cleaned and tidied your flowerbeds and pots, now it’s time to check your planting. You want your garden to be bursting with colour, so if your plants are yet to bloom, add flowering plants to brighten up your space.

6. Lawn Keeping a lawn looking pristine is always a challenge, but no buyer wants to see a balding patchwork of grass. If your lawn has seen better days, perhaps it is time to invest in some turf.

7. Create a lifestyle You want your garden to have clearly defined spaces; somewhere to sit, somewhere to play and somewhere to work, for example. Even in a small garden you can add a table and chairs, and a couple of flowerpots to the side.

8. Children’s toys You don’t want your children’s toys to dominate your garden, but you still want them to enjoy it before you move, especially in the summer months. Fixed pieces cannot be moved, but try and remove as many of their toys from the garden as you can ahead of a viewing. Not only will this make your garden look bigger without the clutter, but it will also make your home more attractive to those buyers without children.

9. Staging Staging is all about those little touches that transform your house into a home. In your garden you can add elements that will evoke certain emotions in buyers, and help them to imagine themselves living there. If you have a table and chairs in your garden, add a couple of place settings, or a bottle of wine with glasses.

10. Think seasons Although we may be enjoying the summer now, it is still important that you stage your home no matter what the weather. A garden can make or break a sale, and neglecting to present it properly, even in winter, will turn off many buyers.