4 Things you must do after moving day

You’ve done it! You’ve got the keys, you’ve packed the truck, and you have finally spent your first night in your new home. Now what?  To ensure you get settled on the right foot, we have asked all our team for their best advice, and put together our favourite top four tips for things you must do after moving day.


Come on, admit it, when you were packing you found boxes that you hadn’t unpacked from your last move.  To make this feel like your home and not like you’re living in limbo, make sure you unpack everything as soon as possible.  If you’re not proactive in your unpacking you may find even more boxes sitting there full of ‘stuff’ waiting for your next move.


You have organised your change of address with the Post Office and the multitude of companies that you use or subscribe to, but have you done on an audit on your bank account?  It’s amazing how many little things we subscribed to our have an auto renewal that we keep forgetting to cancel. Start as you mean to go on and purge everything that you don’t need, so you have more pennies to enjoy the things you do.


Moving can be chaotic, and we are normally focused on one thing: getting into our new home.  But don’t forget to make the effort to meet your neighbours as soon as possible.  There is no better way to feel as though you are getting your feet under the table than to get to know the people who live next door.  They will also be a great source of information for example, knowing all about bin days.


Although your new property is now your home, you’re dying to make changes to make it feel like yours.  Don’t rush, take a moment to breathe and get to know the property before you rush into any decisions.  You may find your original ideas change as you start to see how the property works for you and your family.  You don’t want to be making changes today that you may regret tomorrow.


We can’t wait to help you find and move into your next home.  Pop into your local branch of Bidmead Cook to see how we can make it happen for you!