4 unlikely ways to help sell your home

When it comes to selling your home most people are aware of what they need to do, to get their property ready for sale.  Whether you decide to put in the work or not, making that extra effort can potentially increase your homes value and the speed of securing a sale.  But there are other ways that you may not have thought of that can also make your home more attractive to potential buyers, although not conventional, they too can impact on the saleability of your home.

Stand out from the crowds

We have talked before about giving your home kerb appeal and one of the main focal points to the exterior of your home is the front door.  No matter what street you walk, if you look at the properties around you your eye will always be drawn to the front door, so what is yours saying about your home?  If you want your home to stand out then add some colour, but make sure it is keeping with the style of your property and the area.

There is no point adding a bold and brash colour on a door where it will make a statement for the wrong reasons so be mindful and put your own tastes aside or you may have buyers reluctant to view.  Yes this may sound strange, but even something as simple as the colour of your front door can turn off potential buyers.

Our advice, it’s hard to go wrong with a heritage shade, whether it is a soft and warm tone or a more deep and enticing hue, give your home the front door it deserves.

Love their gardens

Potential buyers will not just be looking how your home is presented but also those around you.  Therefore if your neighbours exterior looks like they could do with a little lift, why not offer your time to get them up to scratch.  It is surprising how many people can be put off by the presentation of neighbouring properties.

Whether you offer to mow their lawn on Sunday afternoon or trim their hedges, or even lending them a couple of potted plants until you move, not only will you be neighbourly but it will increase your home's appeal.

Be unique

Give your home its own individuality by giving it a name and making it unique.  Now don’t get carried away with some obscure name, make sure it is descriptive and positive and most importantly relates to your property.  Do you have a specific tree or bush growing in your garden or street, maybe use this as inspiration for your homes’ name. 

Once chosen don’t forget to inform the relevant authorities such as the council, land registry and post office. 

Area upgrade

Just as your neighbour's presentation can influence potential buyers so can the area where you live, an abundance of litter and signs of fly-tipping can be a real turn off.  Why not get involved with a local group, or even organise a litter pick-up yourself to help benefit your local neighbourhood.  You could even look at planting some flowers in local public spaces to brighten up their appearance.  Show buyers that this is an area loved and cared for by its community by giving your time to make it a better place to live.