5 Quick rules to help sell your home this busy season

The start of the New Year is often one of the busiest times in the estate agency calendar, with many looking to start their New Year by searching for a new home.  These forthright buyers tend to be driven; they know what they want, and won’t wait to make a move when they find ‘the one’.  So it is important that your home ticks as many of their boxes as possible, and some of them may be easier than you think.

If you want to sell your home this busy season, you need to follow our 5 rules.


  1. A warm welcome

The winter chill is still in the air, and your home may look picture perfect, but one way to give a frosty reception is to not think about the temperature of your home.  You want your buyers to walk in to receive a warm and inviting welcome, so make sure your heating is on so they get to feel that all important cosy feeling.

  1. Pet-free zone

We know it may seem wrong to ask you to think about making your home pet-free for a viewing, but we can’t tell you how much of a difference this can make.  A potential buyer could have a fear of or even allergy to a pet, and you don’t want them running out the door before they have had a good look around.  It’s always wise to hide pet beds, bowls and toys too so your buyers are not distracted and stay completely focused on viewing your home.

  1. What’s that smell?

Pets can also leave an odour in your home, one which you probably won’t notice, but your buyers will pick up instantly.  Therefore, it’s important to make sure you give your carpets and furniture a deep clean before you have any viewings.

Many people use artificial scents in their home, sometimes to eliminate unwanted odours, but more often than not to add a sweet fragrance to the air.  From plug-ins to candles and diffusers, the choice on the market today is huge.  Yet your scent of choice may not be that of your buyers, and these scents can be strong and overpowering. 

We would always recommend you use natural scents such as fresh flowers, plants like lavender; these delicate aromas will fill your home with a subtle scent that will help your buyers feel at home.

  1. Some things should be left unseen

There is an age old argument when it comes to toilets, with women often complaining that men don’t put the toilet seat down.  But when it comes to selling your home, we have one strict rule you must all follow, and this is that the toilet seat and lid must always be down.

Bathrooms look so much tidier and cleaner with this simple and easy action.

  1. Simple gestures

People often think it’s the bold moves that attract a buyer’s attention - a thoroughly de-cluttered and spotlessly clean home.  Although these are essential when selling your property, it is often the more simple of gestures that grab hold and start to tug at their heart.

Fresh flowers don’t just add a natural aroma, they also suggest care and attention; a vase or bowl of citrus fruits in a kitchen gives a lovely sense of cleanliness. 

Creating ‘moments’ in your home also allows your buyers to start imagining how it must feel to live there.  A couple of place settings at your dining table, a cafetiere and mugs in the kitchen, each little ‘moment’ will plant a seed in the minds of your buyers, seeds that will grow.


Now you know about our 5 quiet rules, you can make sure your home will make an impact on potential buyers this busy season.  If you would like more advice on how to prepare your home for sale, please contact a member of our sales team.