6 Kitchen turnoffs that are scaring away buyers

Often described as the heart of the home, it is believed that kitchens and bathrooms can make or break a sale.  Therefore neglecting to prepare one of these rooms for sale, could make your buyers run to the hills, rather than them putting their slippers under the table.  So what are some of the worst kitchen turnoffs we’ve seen?


When it comes to our waste we can all get a bit snobby!  Nobody wants to see a grotty bin overflowing, or numerous recycling sections taking up valuable space in a cramped kitchen.  Odours can too be a huge no, no for a potential buyer, so do the best you can to make your rubbish as clean as can be for a viewing.


Kitchen worksurfaces are an amazing thing, and we often use them to store many more things than we actually need.  The problem with cluttered worksurfaces is that:

  1. They make your kitchen look smaller
  2. They don’t make your kitchen feel inviting

When preparing for a viewing, pack away any small appliances that you don’t need to give your kitchen the, show home look.  It will also make your kitchen feel cleaner and more welcoming, and will help your buyers start to see themselves living there.


Who cleans their appliances before a viewing?  What? We hear you shout!  Now just think about it, if you go to a kitchen showroom or you’re on a viewing, one of the things we all do is open the cupboards to find those built-in appliances.  Therefore if they open a door and see a dirty and smelly dishwasher, or a fridge that looks like it is growing something of its own, it will change their whole perception of your property.  Therefore never neglect your appliances when you're preparing your property for sale.

Your cooking

Now we are not criticising your cooking skills, but just a reminder to think about what you are having for a meal before a viewing.  We know many delicious dishes have strong aromatic smells, even takeaway food has a distinctive aroma, but this is not what you want your buyers to be met with when they come and view your home for the first time. 

Yes those old tales are true, freshly brewed coffee and homemade baking and lets not mention straight out of the oven bread – yummy!!  You want you home filled with positive scents such as these, not the negative ones.


They are members of your family, we understand that, but everyone has their own do’s and don’ts when it comes to your pets being in the kitchen.  To make sure your home appeals to as many people as possible, we would suggest where you can, to hide as much of your pet’s belongings away for each viewing.

Less of the weird

We all have a quirky side, some more than others, and we have seen some strange things or two over the years.  But not everyone will get your uniqueness, therefore if you have anything that would be deemed as strange in your kitchen, including what’s in your fridge, then please think about just removing it for the viewing.  You need your buyers focusing on the benefits of your kitchen rather than your tastes.