Always in a language you understand

Every industry has their own jargon, and in the property world we’re guilty too.  At Bidmead Cook we take extra steps to ensure that each and every one of our clients understand the process they are about to enter.  Whether you are looking to buy a house of the first time, move up or down the property ladder, become a landlord or even rent, it is important that you are clear on what you are signing and your obligations as a result.

We also recognise that not all of our clients will have English as their first language, this is the case for a recent tenant in Lydney.  Our lettings team became aware that the tenant was struggling to understand the paperwork involved and they felt they needed to do more to break the language barrier.  Therefore they had the documents translated into Romanian to ensure clear communication from both sides going forward.

It is often the small but largely significant gestures such as these that our clients greatly appreciate, and why we see so much repeat business across all our branches.

Don’t let any language, jargon or otherwise, prevent you from achieving your property ambitions, as with Bidmead Cook, we know how to always put it in a language that you will understand.