Buyers, what’s your compromise?

What does your perfect home look like?  We all have ideas about our next property, you may have made long lists of requirements, gone Pinterest crazy, or even been stalking Rightmove to see what new properties have been listed each day.

There is no doubt that buying a new home is exciting, and you want to ensure that any home you purchase suits your needs.  But what if the home you want can’t actually be found? What if your list of requirements means you will be living in limbo because your expectations are unrealistic?

Anyone who has watched a well-known property TV programme will know that Kirstie and Phil bang on about compromise, yet we often meet people who sadly we just can’t help.  It’s not that we can’t find them a range of wonderful properties, it’s just that what they are seeking doesn’t exist.

It may be that their desired requirements can’t be found within their budget in the specific location they’re looking in.  If we had a pound for every time someone said, “If we could just pick this house up and move it to…”   So what do you do when you reach a stalemate in your property search?

Compromising is not losing; it’s actually giving you the insight to know what’s most important to you.  We would recommend that you view a wide variety of properties when you start your search so that you can gain an overview of what is truly important to you.  It could be that location is your priority, or you may compromise on location if it means you can get the space you need.

Viewing properties that give you one of your top requirements gives you clarity; it enables you to really hone in on what it is exactly that you’re looking for.  It highlights those areas that you are willing to compromise on, and those that you’re not.

There is nothing wrong with holding out for the right property as long as you are realistic.  You may have seen other properties similar to what you’re looking for recently sold within your budget.  In this case it’s just a matter of the waiting game, but bear in mind that the local property market may change and prices can rise.

Don’t forget to register with your local branch of Bidmead Cook, as we can keep you posted on any suitable properties that may come onto the market in the areas you’ve pinpointed for your search.  But be brave and go and see those properties that you may discount based on the photos alone, because we can guarantee that how a property feels when you’re standing inside it is completely different to what you see online.