Can your buyers really view your home this Christmas?

On writing this it’s November, yet apparently 1 in 10 of us have already put up our Christmas tree, are you one of them? According to a poll carried out by the home interiors firm, which reveals our Christmas habits. Also, 1 in 12 of us has already watched a Christmas film - well, you can’t beat Home Alone! We love to see such Christmas spirit, even if it does feel a little too early.


“The thought that one in ten people have their trees up already is pretty strange though, and we worry that if the trees are out too long they could end up feeling like a part of the furniture, rather than bringing a special festive sparkle,” states Tara Halle, spokeswoman for This is certainly true - no one wants to see a brown twig of a tree in the corner of a room, especially not a potential buyer.


Decorating your home is one of the most magical parts of Christmas; whether you decide to go glamorous, vintage or contemporary, your decorative style will bring your home alive.


But a word of warning, if your home is on the market then you need to be cautious.


Buyers are coming to view your property, and this can prove difficult if they are met with a home that looks more like Santa’s grotto than a home for sale. So how can you strike a balance without entirely suppressing your desire to add tinsel and glitter to every inch of your home?


The trick is to keep things simple whilst enhancing your home’s best features. Decorating the exterior with lights creates fantastic kerb appeal, especially on a cold and frosty night.  If possible, keep to one or two colours, white and blue tend to work best, but whatever you decide, please step away from the inflatable snowman.  This is not the moment where you try to outdo your neighbour, or to see if your lights can be seen from space like in the seasonal film, Deck the Halls. 


Inside, there is no doubt that your tree should be the focal point of your main room, but also ensure it is in proportion. You don’t want a National Lampoons Christmas, where you try and squeeze an enormous tree into your living room. Although you may love the cosiness, it will give your buyers the impression that your room is a lot smaller than it actually is.


Less is certainly more when it comes to decorating, and buyers love to see natural products over dancing reindeer. A few subtle touches, such as a bowl of pinecones, can add warmth.  Instead of artificial scents from plug-ins and candles, create your own with cinnamon, oranges and spices.  Displaying evergreen foliage with red ribbons is a cheap, chic and effective way of adding a festive touch.


Before you get excited by the tonne of tinsel you have in your Christmas decoration box, consider the style of each room. You want your decorations to complement the colour scheme, not clash with it.  For example, if your room is a beautiful shade of blue, avoid reds and instead add a gorgeous mix of whites and silvers. 


Decorate your mantelpiece with a couple of key pieces; fireplaces always look romantic and festive with a simple display of candles. Remember that the right choice of decoration will draw attention to your home’s best features, so don’t hide them.  Keep surfaces clear of clutter and also make the most of any views, rather than hiding them with artificial snow on your windows.


We know how easy it is to get carried away with oversized Santas and a desire to leave no inch of space untouched by sparkle. Just remember that this Christmas is the year where you focus on new beginnings, and that begins with selling your home. 


Let your home melt your buyers’ hearts and you will have yourself a merry moving Christmas.