Cheap hacks to get you on the move

The decision has been made, the estate agent chosen, and the appointment for photos is just a couple of days away. You want to ensure you achieve the best possible price for your home, but without redecorating or upgrading the flooring, what can you do? We have put together some great cheap hacks to get you on the move, and one step closer to a sale.

Ice, Ice, Baby

Hopefully you will have read our post ‘How to reduce stress when you're on the move’ and will have already de-cluttered your home. If you have moved furniture, you may have found little dents in your carpets where the furniture once stood. You can easily get rid of these with some ice.

Simply place an ice cube on each dent, or several cubes along larger dents, and allow them to melt. Leave for 12 hours and then blot up the remaining water, grab a spoon and use the edge to lift the carpet fibres, and voilà! No signs that you’ve had a little reshuffle.

Oranges and lemons

You want your kitchen work surfaces as clear as possible, but you can add some life with this easy hack. Take a glass vase, or bowl, even a clear trifle bowl will do, and fill it with citrus fruits. Oranges on their own work well, as does a mix of lemons and limes - all give your kitchen a sense of freshness.

Nights in white satin

You don’t need satin sheets, but you can make your bedroom feel light and airy with crisp plain white bedding. Just a cheap duvet set will do, then accessorise your bed with a couple of muted tone cushions and maybe even a throw. The idea is to keep it simple and elegant, which improves the perception of your property.

Smells like teen spirit

Unpleasant or strong aromas in your home are a sure fire way to turn people off your property, so think about what you are cooking the night before a viewing. But while some smells are bad for viewings, some are fantastic.

Fresh flowers add a natural aroma that is subtle and welcoming. Fresh bread and coffee are another two aromas that can really make a house smell like a home. Don’t worry if you don’t like or brew fresh coffee, as we have a quick and easy trick that will create the same effect without all the effort. Grab yourself a bag of coffee beans, plus three tea lights and three small matching bowls. Fill the bowls with coffee beans and place a tea light in the centre of the beans. As the candle and wax start to burn they will heat up the beans and release that delicious fresh coffee scent.

Time to relax

You want potential buyers to see your bathroom as a place they can relax in. Purchase a small number of white fluffy towels that you only bring out for viewings, this way you can be sure they will be available at short notice and in the best condition. Hide away all the bottles that are cluttering up your shower, bath and shelves and only leave a small selection of any designer products on show.

If you don’t have any designer products, don’t panic, head down to a cheap store and buy three of the same coloured dispenser bottles - a lovely rich sea blue works perfectly - and fill with your everyday products. Place the three together, either in a line or triangle formation.

Small wicker baskets are another great way of adding a ‘spa’ feel to your bathroom, just fill with flannels and a beautiful soap or cream.

Picture Perfect

With these cheap hacks, not only will you make sure your home is camera ready, you will also start to win the hearts of buyers.

For more cheap hack ideas, contact a member of our sales team.