Cinderford’s need to support the local food bank

Life throws many challenges at us over the years, and none of us expect to be in a situation where we’re struggling to pay for the basics, like food.  Yet, all it takes is a sudden change in circumstances and any one of us could find ourselves in an unlikely and frightening position.

On hearing the stories and plights of families in crisis, Charlotte Gardner from our Cinderford branch felt she had to do something.

“I see and hear so many stories of children who aren’t fed properly, and families that struggle to get food. I couldn’t bear the thought of not being able to feed my two children, so I know it must be heart breaking.

I wanted to be able to help even just one family that’s struggling.  Especially in the summer holidays, as children don’t get their free school meals so it’s even harder. I know myself how hard it is trying to feed my own two when they’re home all of the time, because they never stop eating,” explains Charlotte.

The Forest Foodbank provides three days of nutritionally balanced emergency food to local people who are referred to them after finding themselves in a crisis situation.  They are part of nationwide network of foodbanks hard at work across the UK to combat poverty and hunger.

If you are passing any of our branches and would like to make a foodbank donation, it will be gratefully received.  We will make sure it gets to the local foodbank - it’s one small way that together we can support other people within our community.