Decluttering tips for selling success..

You have decided it is time to sell your home; the property looks great, but you know to achieve the maximum sale price it needs to look amazing. It is time to get on with some decluttering, but where do you start? We have put together some fantastic tips for selling success.

Now, clutter is not always visible, it can be hidden away in drawers, cupboards, the attic, or the garage, but having a good sort out now will help you when you start to pack once your property has been sold.


  1. Don’t try and do everything at once; there is nothing more overwhelming than giving yourself a huge and insurmountable challenge. Take one room at a time; you could start small, and take a cupboard a night, and a wardrobe at the weekend.
  2. Have a sorting system, we were once told that you should organise into four boxes:
    • Keep – these are items that you not only want to keep, but that you will probably need before you move.
    • Store – you may have things that you want to keep but will not necessarily use before you move. Get a head start on that packing and put away these items, clearly label the box and pop it into storage.
    • Bin – broken toys, trinkets and ‘stuff’ – yes, we all have it, and sometimes it is only good for one place, and that is the bin!
    • Charity – clothes you no longer wear, old toys, books etc. – if it is too good to bin and you are not taking it with you, why not donate it to charity?
  3. Invest in some storage bins/baskets, they are a great way of organising your things in a variety of spaces. Ikea have a great selection of storage options that are perfect for cupboards and kids’ bedrooms to declutter your space, as well as getting organised for viewings.
  4. We all have things in our wardrobes that we haven’t worn in a while, like those killer shoes that hurt but look amazing. If you haven’t read Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organising, it’s worth grabbing a copy. She suggests that you should only keep things that ‘spark joy’, so what brings you joy in your wardrobe?
  5. You want clear worktops for viewings, except for 3-5 essential items. You need to find a home for everything else, but bear in mind before you cram everything into that cupboard on the left, that potential buyers are nosy and will often take a peek inside a cupboard or two. Don’t give them a nightmare; let them fall in love with your dedication to organisation. It may sound daft, but seeing how much care you take of your belongings will show that you care for your property also.
  6. Your home feels like your home because of the mementos you have around you, whether that is family photos or pieces you have collected or picked up on your travels. But when selling your home you want buyers to feel like it could be their home, and not yours. These are your treasures, so keep them to a minimum and pack everything else away ready for when you are ready to make your new property your home.
  7. Although not many potential buyers will venture into your attic, they may pop their head up there to see the space, and too much clutter will make it feel small, so if you don’t need it before your move, pack it away into storage.
  8. We know what you’re thinking: “All these boxes will find a perfect home in our garage with the bikes and camping stuff.” You know buyers will want to inspect the garage; imagine their joy when they open up the doors to see perfect organisation rather than chaos and confusion.

It takes time to get your home ready for sale, but the more you do before you put it on the market, the less stressful it will be when you come to move. Our blog is full of great tips and advice for preparing your home for sale, why not check it out:

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