Deposit-saving tips to decorate rental property...

5 deposit-saving tips to decorate rental property


You’re renting, so you don’t decorate for fear of losing your deposit, and therefore the property feels temporary. But this property is your home for the duration of the tenancy, it should be bursting with your personal style so that, after a long day, as you open the door you immediately feel that you’re home - your home. Help is at hand, as we have 5 deposit-saving tips to decorate your home.

1. Blasting away the magnolia Rental properties typically come with a neutral décor throughout. It’s a great blank canvas, but if you can’t paint or add wallpaper, what can you do? You may have come across wall stickers; these are easily removable and fantastic for adding style or charm to any room. There are some beautiful ones for children’s bedrooms, as well as inspirational quotes, patterns and shapes, all of which can be removed easily. A new addition to the removable wall art catalogue is removable wallpaper, this ingenious product works the same way as the stickers, but now you can decorate an entire wall or room. As this is a relatively new product, it is worth checking the reviews for each brand to make sure it is of high quality.

2. Display your collection One of the key trends at the moment is a gallery wall. Using different yet complementary picture frames of varying colours, styles and sizes you can display your favourite pieces of art, photographs or a mixture of both. Put that hammer down, though, you don’t want to be leaving holes in the walls - Command Strips are perfect for this task. Like Velcro, Command Strips have an adhesive back, so they come off easily and leave zero residue.

3. Out with the old and in with the you! It is amazing how a room can be transformed by a change of curtains, soft furnishings and light fittings. Add luxurious or modern print covers to the cushions, and throws can add warmth and colour to a tired looking sofa and chair. The high street has a fantastic collection, but so do vintage stores and craft markets. The existing curtains and fittings your landlord has provided are part of the inventory, so ensure you store these away safely and carefully, and return them at the end of your tenancy.

4. As if by magic! If your rental is unfurnished and short on space, look for pieces that have dual functionality or offer unique storage solutions. The most common dual function piece is the sofa bed, but there are many other fun and exciting pieces of furniture out there. Ikea is a great place to find these pieces; if you haven’t been to the Cardiff store recently, then pay it a visit, you may be surprised by what you find.

5. The simple life Did you know that indoor gardening is on trend at the moment? Yes, indoor plants are back in fashion and if you look through any interiors magazine you will see them styled in every room. Some indoor plants can even help purify the air in your home, but choose your plants carefully, as while greenery is in, withering dying plants are not. No more blank canvas rental properties, we can’t wait to see how you style your home. We’d love to share your story, so if you have decorated your rental property send your pics to