Double trouble – could this be why your home isn’t selling

Your home will not appeal to everyone, but if you want to ensure it sells for the highest price, you need to try and make it attractive to the widest audience possible.  Some things you can change, others may be impossible, but being aware of known ‘turn-offs’ can help you maximise the plus points of your home to win those buyers over.


The downstairs bathroom


Having a main bathroom downstairs is apparently a major turn off for potential buyers.  So much so that new research suggests that due to there being less demand for a property with a downstairs bathroom, it could devalue your home by typically 6%.


Surely where the bathroom is located couldn’t have such an impact? Well, according to Direct Line Home Insurance, millions of Britons, in fact 22,979,00 who took part in their research, were put off a home with a downstairs bathroom.

Head of home insurance at Direct Line, Dan Simson, said about the findings: “Downstairs bathrooms are usually found in older properties, accessed through the kitchen, and despite them featuring in thousands of homes across the UK, they divide opinion.”

What are your options if you have a downstairs bathroom?

Where possible, we would recommend relocating the bathroom upstairs prior to placing your property on the market, or at least finding a way to encompass a small en-suite or toilet on the first floor.  We know that a home’s layout may not always make that possible, but it is worth investigating so you can offer buyers a solution even if you don’t complete the work yourself.

The dampener

If a downstairs bathroom can put potential buyers off viewing a property, what can make them leave during a viewing?  According to OnePoll research commissioned by Foxtons, a whopping 60% of Britons said they would actually leave a viewing if they found damp and mould.


Damp patches can cause major concerns for buyers and therefore, should you find damp in your property it’s important to get it seen to before you put your home on the market.  It isn’t just about fixing the problem but also redecorating, as it can be hard to remove damp and mould.


Damp can be a sign of a bigger issue within a property, that’s why buyers will steer clear.  Buyers know exactly the type of property they are looking for and although some are willing to do some work, damp rings major alarm bells.  


Avoid the double trouble


Knowing what can turn potential buyers off will help you when it come to getting your home ready for sale.  It’s worth putting in the work required, especially if you wish to achieve the highest price possible for your home.  Therefore, where possible, move your downstairs bathroom upstairs and eliminate any damp or mould before you place your home on the market.


Get your home in shape to attract the widest audience possible.


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