Gavin experiences the "Llamau Sleep-Out"

Giving back is really important to everyone in the team at Bidmead Cook. One of our Directors, Gavin Williams, recently took part in the Llamau Sleep-Out in Cardiff.  Llamau is the leading homelessness charity for the most vulnerable young people and women in Wales. The Sleep-Out is a fundraising event with plenty of entertainment and refreshments, and is designed to raise awareness of homelessness, though it does not claim to replicate homelessness in any way.  Held at Cardiff City Football Stadium, Gavin and the other participants spent a night out in the cold with the sole purpose of raising awareness of youth homelessness

“I did the Llamau Sleep-Out because becoming homeless can happen to absolutely anyone, at any point in their lives. The most vulnerable people are often overlooked or ignored, and with youth homelessness growing faster than ever, it continues to be a huge problem in our society. In general, rates of homelessness are rising and this needs to be tackled,” said Gavin

It was a great event and we’re proud that Gavin and his team raised over £1,000 for this fantastic cause.