Hidden Talents – Baking up classics to giving you a sugar rush

Following on from our Meet the Team series, we are continuing to get to know our team through their hidden talents.  It surprised us how many of them confessed to having talents we never knew of, and so we wanted to know a little bit more.  Many of the team have been nervous about sharing their personal hobbies and skills, so we are very thankful to Emma Liverick, our Lettings Negotiator from the Merthyr Tydfil brand, for being the first to tell us more about her passion for baking.

Now we have to admit to being a little jealous that our Merthyr team are able to sample some of her delicious treats, and after reading this we’re sure you will be popping in to see what she’s been baking next.

We asked Emma how she got into baking

“I've always enjoyed baking from a young age, beginning with my Mam teaching me how to bake Welsh cakes and fairy cakes. This love of baking has stayed with me and I still enjoy making family birthday/celebration cakes or fun cupcakes for anyone who fancies a treat… Or a simple Victoria Sponge to brighten up the grumpiest of faces.

I am carrying on the family love of baking with my boys who also enjoy joining me in kitchen, making pancakes or decorating cupcakes, whatever they fancy.

My favourite has to be a good old classic Victoria Sponge, you can’t beat it with a lovely cuppa, or, even better, a glass of bubbly - hic hic!

I have made cakes for the team in the office for various occasions, and for no occasion whatsoever- they are divided between my variety of flavoured cupcakes, such as peanut butter, lemon, strawberry filled, vanilla and chocolate, or a real favourite with Jay is my banana cake.

A lovely one for the summer is a lemon drizzle loaf - plenty of calories, and a good sugar rush!”

Can you share a recipe?

“A recipe??? Now that would be telling my secrets... 

Everything begins with a basic sponge mixture and then I experiment with different flavourings with the icing. Peanut butter icing is delicious, especially with a drizzle of caramel on top - yummy!”