How not to scare away tenants

Halloween is approaching, but even though it is fright season, the last thing you want to do is scare away any existing or potential tenants. The lettings market is strong at the moment and set to increase, and in some areas supply is outstripping demand.  But don’t think that just because there is a need for more rental properties, cobwebs won’t be growing on your property.

Trick or treat - We all know that Rent Smart Wales has changed many things here in Wales, but if you’re not registered you certainly won’t be in for a treat. Tenants know about the scheme and they don’t miss a trick, so before they rent from you they will be checking you’re on the list. 

If you’re still confused about how Rent Smart Wales affects you as a landlord, please come and speak to a member of our lettings team. Not only can we provide you with details on how you can stay compliant, we also take away a lot of the stress from your shoulders by managing your property on your behalf.

Grab a broomstick - The nights are drawing in and with the signs of autumn showing your property can very quickly look like a haunted house rather than a shiny new home. Before the winter kicks in, make sure that you have undertaken the annual maintenance on the exterior of your property.

Check all guttering and drains for a build up of leaves, as the last thing you want is damp arising in your property just from neglecting to remove a few leaves. Don’t stop there, though; it is time to do a spring clean of any outdoor areas. Tenants are looking for a home, they want somewhere to love, so show them that you love the property too.

Chilling tales -  There is never any harm checking the boiler and heating system in your property. If you have a chimney, when was the last time it was cleaned?  There is one sure way to add darkness to a tenancy, and that is failing to ensure that your tenants will be warm this winter.  Sometimes the unexpected can happen, but if it does, react as quickly as possible.

Gory sightings - It’s not rocket science, so you’ll all know you need to ensure that your property is kept clean and in excellent condition, but if you don’t want your tenants to have a ghastly experience, make sure that you pay specific attention to the bathrooms. Blackening grout, signs of damp…let’s not get into too much detail. The bathroom should be a heavenly place for people to relax.  Do you honestly want to lose a tenant because you didn’t clean the bathroom?

Hocus Pocus - This is not all just a bit of hocus pocus; tenants know exactly what they do and don’t want, so make your property their dream home and you will have it let in no time.

 For more advice on letting your property, contact our lettings department at your local branch.