How to keep your pets happy when moving home

Moving home.  Many consider it one of the most stressful things you can do.  After the initial excitement of the search for your future home, you also endured the sales process, felt the ultimate relief of exchange, and now moving day is quickly approaching.  Your pets will probably be feeling anxious too as they will be seeing changes in their home; boxes being packed, things being moved, everything they know is starting to feel different.


No matter if you have a gold fish or a small menagerie of family friends, it is worth seriously considering how to make the move easier for them too.


Essentials box


An essentials box is one that you keep close to you on the day of the move and should include all those essential items that you’ll need as soon as you arrive, such as tools, light bulbs, toilet rolls etc.  We would also recommend that you pack an essential box for your pet, too; this should include food, cat litter, toys, their bed and anything else you know would make them feel at ease.




The hustle and bustle of moving day is no place for a pet; they could accidently hurt themselves, as well as becoming incredibly scared.  You want to ensure they are in a safe space.  If possible, see if they can stay with a friend or relative, or alternatively many take them to their usual kennels or cattery.  This will ensure you’re not worried about them and you can focus on having the smoothest moving day possible.


But what if taking them somewhere else is not possible? In that case we would advise keeping them in a quiet place.  If you have a room that’s already been emptied, such as a bedroom, place your pet there in their cage and close the door.  Make sure the temperature in the room is safe and they have food and water. It’s also important to check on them regularly and try and keep a sense of routine amidst all the changes.


Calm arrival


Just as moving out of your former home can be chaotic, so can moving into your new one.  Again, it is best to plan ahead for how you will introduce your pets safely to their new home.  You may wish to wait until all the furniture has been unloaded and things are a little calmer.  Make sure you have unpacked their essentials box, as familiar smells will give them comfort and help ease their anxiousness at being in strange surroundings.


It’s best to confine them to one area of the house initially; this will allow them to adjust to their surroundings slowly.  Give your pets lots of attention and help them feel at home.


Their details


Make sure you add their vet’s details, tags and microchip details to your list of places to contact to inform them of your change of address.  We would suggest that you do this as soon as possible in case your little friends get lost in the first few weeks of being in their new home.


When the time comes for you to move home, follow our advice to make the process a lot less stressful for everyone in your family.