How to reduce stress when you're on the move.

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling, buying or renting, moving home is recognised as being one of the most stressful things you can do.

But does it have to be?

Stuff - we all have it, and some of us have a lot of it. Many people don’t start to pack until they know they have a moving date; this leads to added pressure, as you end up trying to doing everything within a very short time frame.

Start as early as possible

A serial mover we know says that you should start packing from the moment you first think about moving. “You want to start with those items that you are never going to need before you move.  Pack them away properly in a clearly marked box and place in storage, whether that is in a garage, cupboard, or you hire a storage unit for a short time.  By doing this you not only start to pack, but it serves another purpose in helping you d-clutter ready to stage your home for sale.”

Have a packing system

Many of our clients move home themselves rather than using a removal company. Our advice here is to make sure you have a good packing system.  Label each box not just with the room but also an idea of its contents.  You will have a priority of what you want to unpack first, and this way you will be able to identify the right boxes quickly without having to go through them all.

Don’t take everything

If we’re honest, we all have things in our homes that we don’t need or use, so will you need or use them in your new home? Moving home is the perfect time to sort our your things; be ruthless, as you know you will want to buy some new home treats once you are settled.

Find your documents

There are some essential documents that you will need as part of your move, whether it is your passports for identification, the deeds to your current home, or other certificates. As early in the process as possible get all these documents together in a safe but memorable place. That way, when you are asked for them, won’t end up having a nervous breakdown wondering if you have actually packed them.

Let your kids have fun

How much do kids love boxes? Often we wonder why we buy expensive gifts for Christmas and birthdays, as the just end up creating dens and castles with the empty boxes.  As all kids love adventure, make moving their biggest one yet! Let them start packing a few things as you do, but give them their own moving box that they can decorate.  Their works of art will ensure that their boxes will find their room quicker, plus they will enjoy the process a whole lot more.

Essentials box

This all important box will be your saviour on moving day. This is the box of tricks containing everything you need for your first night in your new home. From the screwdriver and Allen keys to put your future together, to toilet rolls, soap, a kettle, medication, toiletries, snacks, and those essential phone chargers. Carry this box with you so you have everything you need when you get your keys.