How to sell your autumn home

Grey days that turn dark very early, fallen leaves and barren branches… Autumn can seem a difficult time to sell your home.  Many people are fooled into thinking that spring and summer are the best seasons for property sales, but let us reassure you, the market is still very active at this time of year, and there is also less competition as many people are holding back from selling until the New Year.  Giving your home an autumn makeover is the ideal way to reel buyers in through your door.

It’s not Halloween


The first impression your home gives can be a big deciding factor for how the viewing continues.  A dark and eerie feel can make buyers apprehensive, even if your internal décor is flawless.   Think about using seasonal colours in potted plants in your front garden or by your door. 

Leaves, with all their rich red, orange, and yellow tones can look beautiful, but not when they are littering your path and garden. Also, remember that leaves, when wet, can be slippery - you don’t want your potential buyers falling into your home.

Seasonal accents


We all have accessories in our homes that add pops of colour, and the changing leaves provide you with great inspiration to spruce up your accessories to blend in with the season.  Think of deep reds, golden yellows, and burnt oranges to mirror the tones of the falling leaves.

You can use these warmer shades throughout your house, whether that’s in table décor, bathroom towels, an accent rug, or even in pieces of art.

Think cosy


The colder weather makes us think of nights in front of the fire catching up with our latest box set.  If you have a log burner or a flame effect fire, make sure it’s lit for viewings to add that real sense of a cosy room.  Textures are also a fantastic and easy way to add warmth to a room through comfy throws, and luxurious cushions.

Dark rooms don’t feel welcoming, so don’t forget to turn on any lights. This will not only add to the atmosphere but help increase the light in the room.  It’s also important that you have some kind of outside light to provide your buyers with a warm welcome.

Remember aromas


Our senses our powerful tools when looking for a home, and you should not forget that scents play their part too.  Smells can evoke memories and an emotional connection, and by using seasonal aromas your buyers may start to feel more at home.  Cinnamon and apple are typical for the moment, so why not channel your inner Mary Berry and bake a delicious batch of treats the evening before the viewing, so a hint of these scents will be lingering in the air.

Display some treats


There is a real trend of displaying sweets and biscuits in decorative glass bowls and jars.  A couple of these displayed in a kitchen or dining room can just add some fun and enjoyment to the room.    Sweets are easily displayed with no strict rules, but if you wish to display biscuits, search the internet for some design inspiration; when you see the finished look you won’t be disappointed by your extra efforts.

If you would like more advice on selling your home this autumn, contact your nearest branch of Bidmead Cook