Is your property ready to keep you warm this winter?

Within a matter of days, we have switched from flip-flops and sun tops to boots and warm jackets.  Yes, winter is on its way, and just as you may be updating your winter wardrobe, have you thought about how you prepare your home for winter?


The weather can play havoc with homes; whether it’s wind, heavy rain, or freezing temperatures, any minor defect is magnified in such conditions, making the problem worse and often giving rise to new issues.  Being prepared could mean you are nice and cosy on a cold winter’s night, rather than shivering under a blanket whilst you wait for an electrician or tradesman to be available.


Catch issues early

Have you turned your heating on yet?  If you haven’t, can we suggest you fire it up sooner rather than later so you can see if it has developed a fault.  It’s better to know now before the weather gets worse and you can get it repaired quickly without causing too much of an issue for your family.


Is your boiler ready?

It’s worth having your boiler serviced so that any issues can be resolved quickly, but you can also do some things to get your boiler in the best shape for the cold snap to come.  Some papers (if they can be believed) say it could be even worse than last year - brrrrrrr!


By insulating your pipes you’re providing them with the thermal support they need, thus reducing the chance of your boiler failing as the temperature drops.  If your radiators are cold towards the bottom when the heating is on, this could mean that your radiators require bleeding.  But if the issue continues it could hinder your heating system, so best to get it cleaned as soon as possible.


Check your boiler pressure; generally, it should be between 1 and 1.5.  If the pressure is too low or too high it can affect how efficiently your heating system works, so it may be time to call in a trained professional. 


If you’re a landlord you will be familiar with arranging CP12s and ensuring your gas appliances are checked every year.  As homeowners we don’t have any such legal requirements, but it’s recommended to ensure you and your family are safe.


Small price to pay


Every year in the news we hear of someone who has sadly lost their life due to carbon monoxide poisoning. A simple alarm fitted to your home could prevent this; we think it’s a small price to pay for keeping your family safe from what is known as the ‘silent killer’.


Getting the number right


One thing we rely on to keep us warm in our homes is the thermostat and timer - there is nothing better than arriving home from the freezing cold to a warm and snuggly house.  If you have your boiler serviced annually, the engineer will be able to identify any problems. 


Where your thermostat is situated can impact on how your home is heated. For example, should it be placed in a cold space such as your cellar, you could be having a heatwave in your living room whilst the heating is still trying to reach the set temperature in the cellar.  If you think there is an issue with the thermostat, try changing the batteries first, if this fails to resolve the issue, call in the experts.


Is your property ready to keep your warm this winter?  For more advice on how to get your property winter-ready, contact a member of our Bidmead Cook team.