Is your rental property giving the right impression?

With demand for rental properties now exceeding supply, you may start to think that it would be easy to let any property in the area.  When this thinking starts to creep in, we have seen landlords take their foot slightly off the pedal and some of the pride they had in their property starts to be replaced by bad habits creeping in.  Rental properties may be in high demand but this is matched by the high expectations of tenants.

For tenants today, renting is not a short-term fix until they buy their first home; for most of those renting it is either a lifestyle choice or a necessity, so they know they are in it for the long term.  In many European countries, renting a property long-term is the norm, and as such landlords understand that these tenants are not looking for a rental but a home.

This mindset shift amongst tenants is extremely important. Yes, your property may be to let, but your prospective tenants are looking for somewhere to call their own for the foreseeable future.  They want to have pride in where they live, know that the property is being cared for, and, should issues arise, that they will be resolved quickly and efficiently.

We all make first impressions, and this instant reaction can have a bearing on where the situation may lead.  It’s not uncommon for prospective tenants to pass by a possible rental property to get a feel for the area before they decide to view.  Therefore you need to ask yourself if your property is giving the right first impression.

The long winter could have been harsh on your property, from faded doors to chipped paintwork on the windowsills, the windows themselves may also need a good clean.  You might have overlooked these minor repairs, but they will be the first thing that any potential tenants see.  To them, alarm bells may start to ring as they wonder about the condition of the inside of the property, and, worse, whether it will be properly cared for during their tenancy.

No one wants to live in a stressful environment, which is why tenants are cautious about who they let from.  Good tenants respect properties; they treat them as though they were their own, and they want to feel safe and secure.  To them, how they feel is just as important as the property itself.  Tenants are more likely to pay for a good property that is managed well.

Therefore, it’s time to take stock of your rental properties, and look at them with a fresh pair of eyes.  Do they catch your attention for the right reasons? Do they look loved and cared for? And would they entice you to want to see more?  If you want to attract the best tenants, you need to show them that they will receive the best.

Quality attracts quality.

For more advice on how to attract the best rental tenants for your property, contact a member of our lettings team.