Our essential tips for keeping cool at work this summer

How wonderful has the weather been recently?  We can’t deny we have been loving the sun, yet working in this weather can sometimes be a challenge, which is why our branches have been enjoying sharing their tips on how to keep cool. 

  1. Run your wrists under the cold water tap, apparently, if you put your wrists under cold water it cools your blood and body temperate as it is a pulse point. It’s a great tip for if you’re out and about like many of our team are on a daily basis.
  2. Invest in a personal fan. You will have seen them, those small handheld fans, or if you work at your desk, a desk fan, a great way to help to cool you down.
  3. It goes without saying to drink lots of water, and it this heat, the colder the better. If you don’t have a water cooler in your workplace, place water bottles in your fridge or freezer and keep drinking throughout the day.
  4. A couple of ladies swear by Evian Facial Spray, it keeps your skin hydrated and if you pop it in the fridge it has an extra cooling effect.
  5. Turn off any unnecessary equipment. Our offices are full of technical equipment that gives off heat, so where we can we turn things off to reduce the heat a little in our branches.  

We’d love to hear your tips for keeping cool!