Quick tips for not losing your mind when renovating a property..

Have an agile plan 

Anyone who has undertaken any type of renovation work, big or small, will know that no matter how well you plan, there will be always something that you didn’t expect. Creating an agile plan will provide you with the flexibility you need, should things change or issues arise.

How far will you go?

If you are renovating a property to let, remember, you are not creating your ideal home; this is a business asset, so be clear from the start about what work you are going to undertake, and how far you are willing to go to complete tasks.

 Stick to the budget

When you are sourcing products for your renovation, set yourself a clear budget - and stick to it. It is easy to be swayed by beautiful finishes and designer appliances, but think practically – who is this property for? - and find products to meet this need.

Review regularly

Each evening, review your progress from that day and plan the work for the next day and beyond. This way, you will arrive on site with a clear set of tasks to complete, rather than that horrible ‘where do I start’ feeling.

Push past the plan

Although you have set yourself tasks for the day, always try and exceed them, even if just by painting one more door. Each small task you complete is one step closer to completing your project.

Time to be focused

Many of us like to see ourselves as multi-taskers, flitting from one task on our list to another with sheer grace and effortless style. But in reality this does not achieve as much as a focused approach.  Instead of working on several tasks at once, take on just one at a time, and focus on it completely until it is finished.

Don’t forget to rest

In our need for speed we often believe that working every minute of every day will be the most productive approach, when in reality, if you don’t give yourself time to rest you can actually find yourself working slower, and even making mistakes. Incorporate rest days into your plan so you can rebuild your strength and energy levels.

Keep looking to the finish line

It can sometimes be mentally tough to keep the momentum of your project going, especially if you’re new to renovation. You will have moments of complete overwhelm, particularly when things go wrong.  It is important to keep your end goals in sight, but maybe take a break for a cuppa and a chocolate biscuit.

 A vision board is a great way of keeping your thoughts in check. Pin images, sentences, inspirational quotes – whatever reminds you of why you are working on this project. Then, when the going gets tough, spend a few minutes looking at your board, and it will help you to refocus.