Signs you're not emotionally ready to sell..

As the door opens, you know you’re home; flashes of memories are triggered by the photographs on display on your sideboard in the corner, and the love you feel for your home, neighbours and village remain as strong as ever. Does this sound familiar?

Mrs Thomas was that person… “My husband and I bought our home when we got married, and our children spent their childhood years here. This house has seen so much love, but the children now have families of their own and we soon found ourselves in a property that was too big, half the rooms we didn’t use, and to heat and maintain this ageing property was draining our savings. I had accepted that we needed to move, but my heart wasn’t yet ready to say goodbye.”

Mrs Thomas’s story is not unique; many of us buy a property as a forever home, but then, due to changes in circumstances, the house no longer works for us. But knowing you need to move and taking the leap are two very different things, as Mrs Thomas knows: “We put the house on the market with a local agent, and I know I made little effort to present our home for events. We had an offer quickly, which was very low and rejected, but I can tell you even if it had been above the asking price I would have rejected it, as I felt it was all moving too fast for me.”

In effect, Mrs Thomas was sabotaging the sale; she wasn’t flexible when it came to accepting viewings, and although at the time she didn’t think she was being intentionally awkward, Mrs Thomas now recognises that she was just not emotionally ready to move.

Eventually, Mrs Thomas met Craig from our Monmouth branch; he recognised straight away that this was extremely difficult for the couple, so he focused their attention on finding a new home to grab their heart, whilst sensitively supporting them both through every single stage of the process.

To successfully sell your property you must be emotionally detached, but how do you do this?

• Accept that your property is on the market. A great way to do this is to prepare your home for sale; as you’re de-cluttering and packing away things that have sentimental value, this will help you start the process of letting go and moving on.

• Start to view properties with an open mind, focusing on the reasons why you are moving and not what you are going to miss.

• You need to begin to disassociate yourself from your home, and start to see it as a house for sale. It will be tough, there will be tears, but at Bidmead Cook we are here to ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

• If you present your property using home staging techniques, you will make it more attractive to potential buyers, and it will have the potential to sell quickly and for a higher price, making the sadness of leaving a little easier to bear.

The past will always be with you, but the future holds more opportunities than you can imagine. If you would like more advice on how to become emotionally ready to sell your home, and how to use home staging to help it sell, please contact a member of our team.