The 'bush-tucker' horrors to avoid when buying a property at auction..

Have you been watching this year’s ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’? Those who have will have watched the auction-loving king himself from ‘Homes Under the Hammer’, Martin Roberts, battling through the bush-tucker trials. These trials are the stuff of nightmares, we’re not sure we will forget the many snakes crawling over his face, urrrr, but that’s another story.

Now, we’re wondering how these nightmares compare to the many Martin will have witnessed at property auctions? So what horrors can await you, and how can you spot them?


Structural issues could prove extremely costly; a home with problematic foundations could prove too big of a nightmare to wake up from. No matter if it is a period home or a new build property, there are many things that could impact on the stability of its structure, including the weather and trees.  A crack in the wall or ceiling may just be a crack, or it could be a warning sign of a bigger issue.  It is essential to always get an expert’s opinion to ensure that you are not buying a house of horrors.

Little friends

No bush-tucker trial is complete without thousands of critters, but if you’re buying a property the last thing you want decorating your home is lots of unwanted guests. Some pests can also cause structural damage, as they eat their way through wood.  If the property has sat empty for a while it may have attracted the furry kind of creature, especially in this colder weather.  If you can hear or see signs of pests, especially termites, it may be wise to have an inspector round to ensure they have not caused major problems that could wreak havoc on your budget.

The DIY-er

Many of us like to undertake jobs in our own homes, but sadly some of us should just stop now. Tradesmen are professionals in their field for a reason; they have undergone training and know how to complete the work safely, and are also able to meet the standards required by law.  If you spot some work that looks like an amateur has completed it, make sure you have it checked by a professional first, or request the documentation that certifies that it is of a professional standard.  This will not only protect you from a rising repair bill, but it could also prevent any dangerous consequences of shoddy work.


Sometimes it is hidden, sometimes there are wet patches, and you really know you have a problem when it turns black - we are talking about mould, of course. Neglecting mould can lead to major health problems, never mind the cost of repairs.  Mould is not just found in period properties, it can also be caused by leaks.  Again, it is best to seek expert advice prior to purchasing, so that you understand how to remedy the issue, and also the likely costs involved.

Do your research when you buy at auction and seek that essential professional advice when needed. Then, instead of walking into your very own bush-tucker trial, you will find that your property will be the stuff of dreams, not nightmares.