The Chapel being transformed into a forever home

Every now and again we are privileged to represent a unique property wanting to be brought back to life.  St. Michael’s Church in the beautiful village of Soudley was built in 1909 and was used as a place of worship until April last year.

With stunning views over the countryside and incredible stained glass windows to the front and rear, we had a feeling there would be a lot of interest in this wonderful building.

Mandy Cooper, from our Cinderford branch stated:  “The Chapel went to auction on 21st February; the auction was held at The Village Hotel in Cardiff.

The interest shown in The Chapel was excellent – we had in excess of 30 people turning up on the open days to look around. On the night of the auction, several people were there to bid in person. Three others were bidding by phone. The tension in the room was electrifying.

Bidding started at £90,000 and very quickly increased to £140,000, leaving just two people bidding (one in person, one on the phone). We knew that the person in the room had a limit of £150,000. When a phone bid came in at £150,000, she did increase by another £500 but the phone bid immediately increased to £151,000 so the lady in the room shook her head to say that she was out.”


The successful bidders are a local couple, David Coles and Alison Bailey.

“I have since spoken to David Coles; he is delighted, and did say that he was prepared to go up to £160,000 as they wanted it for their forever home.”

We will be watching with interest to see how this intrepid couple take on the works needed to transform this much loved village building into their new home.