The Christmas wish on Upper Bilson Road

One of the magical things about working in estate agency is the stories we hear and the moments we witness.  Charlotte Gardner, Sales Negotiator in Cinderford, told us about a wonderful Christmas story which we have had to keep quiet until now, or we may have ruined the surprise.

Families today come in all shapes and sizes, and this family is a modern day example.  Our couple in question both had children from previous relationships, whom they had on alternate weekends.  As much joy as they felt coming together, the house they were living in, although much loved by all, was making things difficult, as there was just not enough room for anyone.

Wanting to provide the best for their family, the couple decided to move, but this was a decision they didn’t want to make on their own, it was one they would all make together.  They asked all the children to individually pick out a property that they loved, and it must have seemed as if fate was giving them a huge, great big sign when, incredibly, all the children picked the same property, and begged their parents to buy it.

So desperate were the family to move to this home, that one of the children wanted to give the couple £500 towards the purchase so they could all live there.

But this sneaky couple had a plan, one that would break hearts but grant Christmas wishes.

Unbeknown to the children, they went to view the house. They instantly fell in love with the property and even agreed the purchase price without anyone knowing.  A few days later they drove past their new home; the children saw the SOLD sign and were understandably upset, as they believed the home was lost and that they would need to hunt for a new one.

The sale was due to complete just before Christmas, and before moving in the couple had planned to decorate it with all the festive trimmings.  This is where we parted, but the story doesn’t end there.

As you may have guessed, on Christmas Day the couple plan to grant their children’s Christmas wish and take them to their home. 

What a magical tale, we can’t wait to hear how the family are settling into their new home.