The ghostly tale of selling your home

The kids are back in school, the roads are busy again after the summer spell, and the shops are suddenly full of sparkly things, reminding us that Christmas is just around the corner. But before you grab your tinsel, you need to carve a pumpkin, as this is the month when spooky things can happen, and we want you to be prepared especially if you are selling your home.

The Haunted House

There it is, the slightly overgrown lawn and unkempt bushes create vividly haunting shadows in the night sky. The air is cold, and the lack of stars provides an eerie backdrop to the street. The gate screeches as it opens, and your footsteps echo as you move closer to the door. The house is in darkness, and your heart is pounding; surely this is not the house you have come to view?

We are in the season when nights get dark early, and afternoons are grey and dreary, so make sure that you have plenty of lamps and lights on for your viewings. Also, don’t forget that the condition of the outside of your home is just as important as the inside, no matter what the season. A well maintained garden will delight buyers, whereas one that has been neglected will give the wrong impression of your home.

Black Cat

It may not be a black cat, but any type of pet can turn your home into a nightmare. Sadly, not all buyers will be animal lovers, and some could be allergic; pets can cause distractions and you want them to remember your home, not your partner in crime. Organise for your pet to be out of the house for a viewing, whether you visit friends, go for a walk, or give them a day at the parlour, presenting your home free of animals and their belongings will increase its appeal.

Spiders and cobwebs

What spooky happenings are hiding in your dark corners? Will your fridge say ‘Scream’ or ‘Chef’? When you are organising your home for a viewing, don’t forget any area, you don’t want them to open a cupboard and find many years worth of your stuff tumbling out of every inch. The same goes for your appliances; it is natural for buyers to want to know where they are in the room, and so they will open fridges, dishwashers and drawers. Make sure your kitchen is singing the Sound of Music, and not Thriller.

The graveyard

The silence is deadly; there is not a soul in sight as you look longingly at the ‘For Sale’ sign outside your home. We want to make sure you’re busy with viewings, therefore we will provide you with the most accurate information in order to sell your home, and that includes its true value. Property markets fluctuate constantly, we understand how to market your home to meet the demands of today’s buyers and, more importantly, how to sell your home. Contact us today for a free valuation.


“We came. We saw. We kicked its ass.” A classic line from the ’80s film, but our clients also agree.

“Sold our house, above the asking price, within four days of it being marketed. Thoroughly professional and likeable staff, who are devoid of the usual reputation that's synonymous with estate agents. No incessant calls to try and push through to completion, as you get with most estate agents, who only want their commission. This company offers a bespoke service to its customers, leaving you feeling valued and important. Would definitely recommend.” Cat Gillet