The selling/buying benefits of our branches

Although we serve different areas with often completely different communities, one of the advantages of having several branches is the ability to work together to help our clients with their property needs.  Our clients often buy and sell in different locations, which can prove difficult. We always aim to make the process as smooth as possible, and our teams can work together to find the right solution for each client.



We recently had a client who was looking to sell their bungalow, and interested in moving to a retirement flat.  Our client, in Monmouth, was pleased that we sold their bungalow, and was then put in touch with Kate at our Ross-on-Wye branch, who was able to assist him in buying a wonderful retirement flat.  




Not all sales and purchases are straightforward, as you will no doubt be aware, but a challenge doesn’t put off our teams, even when the chain can be complex.  The chain in this case included two properties being sold through our Chepstow office. However, thanks to the cooperation between our Chepstow and Coleford teams, we have one client very happy that their property is now SOLD. 

There are many benefits to having a number of branches across the areas we serve; not only can we reach more clients, but we can also work together to ensure a successful outcome as quickly as possible.