The Trago Mills affect in Merthyr

Covering 200,000 sq ft the equivalent to 61 football pitches, Trago Mills is no small building.  It is currently preparing to be home to 180,000 products as well as a café, leisure facilities and a petrol station.  Located just of the A470 it is set to be a destination that will bring back much needed growth to the local economy.

The store is estimated to provide 400 jobs to the area; recruitment began the end of last year.  Any changes to infrastructure can have a positive impact on surrounding areas and we will keep you informed when such changes occur.

Trago Mills owner Bruce Robert stated at an official ceremony the end of last year  “There’s no mistaking it’s Trago now that the towers are going up…… And what a view, there’s no doubting the store is in the right place in the heart of Merthyr’s thriving and rejuvenated community.”

Landlords, we are seeking properties to rent, as some existing Trago Mills staff will be relocating from the South East permanently to the Merthyr area.  We anticipate the private rental market in this area to grow over the coming months due to this increase in demand.  There is no doubt that this store, as being only one of 4 in the UK, will certainly put Merythr on the map for all the right reasons.