Things to consider when buying a rural property

From the hills and waters of the Wye Valley, the fringes of the Forest of Dean, to the banks of the River Severn. From the ‘Glittering Jewel of the Vale’, across to the Cynon Valley, and down to the county of Bridgend, the area we cover is vast. Dramatic landscapes are plentiful, hills and vales are in abundance, and welcoming communities are abound - this is why so many people want it make this their home.

For those moving to the area from further afield, the desire for a complete lifestyle change is often the trigger. Desperate to move away from the hustle and bustle of city living, they seek to swap smog for blue skies, pavements for pathways, and a completely different pace of life.

Locals have the advantage of knowing the area’s hidden treasures, perks, but also pains. Things you may have taken for granted may not be as readily available, therefore it is important that you understand that your perfect rural property may come with a few little sacrifices.

Depending on the location of your property, it may not have any mains sewage; instead, this will be managed by a septic tank. In fact, around 80% of rural properties don’t have mains sewage, but there is no need for concern, as septic tanks today are incredibly efficient and can be discreetly hidden with some clever planting.

Even in this digital age there are some areas of the country that are still struggling with broadband. It is exceptionally rare that we have properties in these locations, but if being online is an essential requirement, then it is worth mentioning this when starting your search. Speeds can also vary, so if you work from home and need a strong speed we can concentrate your search within fibre optic areas.

Mobile coverage can be another deal breaker, but switching to another supplier could be the answer to this issue. All of our team have mobiles that work effectively in their areas, so they are a great source of information on what network is best in each area.

If you have been used to convenient deliveries from your favourite supermarkets and stores, this is luxury you won’t have to give up, but you may need to swap brand allegiance within your locality. Choice can be ever so slightly more restricted, but when so many award winning pubs, restaurants, and eateries are around, all serving delicious local produce, it gives you the perfect excuse to nip out for a bite.

We have to be honest, transport links in certain areas can be limited at times; if you need to travel for work, it is best to research the area and its train and bus routes to ensure that your commute is reasonable.

We think these are tiny sacrifices for what you gain, and our teams will all tell you that they love where they live and work. What are you waiting for? Come and explore some of the finest rural properties across our network of branches, and you will soon be making it your home.