Upper Bilson Road Surprise

We know many of you were touched by the story of the family who surprised their family with a new home for Christmas. For those that are not familiar with the story you can read all about it here - The Christmas wish on Upper Bilson Road.

You will be pleased to hear that we have had an update from the family as we had to part with the story before it ended. We will let new owner Claire share their happy ending.

 “We decided to surprise the boys Christmas day. Chris and I moved in properly to our new home on Christmas Eve. It was Aston's and Toby's year to be with their Dad this Xmas Eve and Harley with his mum. We were still putting the last of the blinds up Christmas morning, thinking we’ve put to much pressure on ourselves, even our dog, Chance, moved in on Christmas Eve. 

We collected all the boys and told them we were going to drop a Xmas card off to a friend.

So in we go..... Harley walks straight pass Chance rubbing him on his head saying 'hello Chance' and then, 'is that our sofa? Is this our house?'.

All three boys love the house, especially their rooms, it hasn't taken us long to settle in and we love it. We can't seem to get the boys to leave the front room, although that's because they love the fire in the evenings.

So in the words of Aston, thank you, everyone, at Bidmead Cook for finding us our forever home.”

Claire, Chris and Boys