What are buyers searching for?

If you’re thinking of selling your home you may be wondering whether your property is the type of home potential buyers are seeking.  You may have done the work your side to ensure that the property is presented for sale, by undertaking necessary repairs, refreshing the décor and giving it a deep clean and tidy.  Yet you have a niggling thought that maybe buyers are looking for a different type of property.

Zoopla has recently released their 10 top property must-haves, based on the search tool facility on their website.  So what does their insight tell us?  Interestingly there are some variations in the searches carried out between the geographical areas of our branches.  The top word searched in Wales was detached whereas in the South West is was garage.


This will be blissful news for our vendors that have a detached property on the market and shows that even though there is a deep desire to live in vibrant and considerate communities, we still crave our own space. 


Garage’s are the ultimate storage facility for all our ‘stuff’, well let's be honest how many people actually store their car in their garage nowadays.  Our growing passion for outdoor activities has seen our garages filled with bikes, canoes, and a whole range of equipment to support our interests and hobbies.  We’ve seen a number of garages turned into home gyms and studios, showing how versatile this additional space can be for any homeowner.


Taking the third spot in Wales is the much sought after bungalow, no longer seen as the preferred home for the older generation, bungalows are desired by a cross-section of buyers.  The versatility of the space and the potential to extend are often deciding factors.  Demand for a bungalow never seems to subside so we are not surprised to find it in the top 5.


Taking the third spot in the South West and the fourth in Wales, parking is an important issue for house hunters.  With more homes being at least a two car family, parking can often be a stressful issue especially if you live on a street with no off road parking.  Not every home has the luxury of its own drive, therefore if you do have good parking near your property, or you live in a street where everyone respects each others parking needs, make sure you mention it to your estate agent as this is definitely a selling point worth shouting about.

What else made the top 10?

Nationally the other searches to make the top 10 were: annexe, garden, freehold, cottage, acres and rural.  So what does this tell us?  Space is still an important factor for many looking for a home, yet there is still a passion for character properties such as a cottage.  Outside space is really important, well with this glorious weather we have been having it is no wonder that people want to have somewhere to make the most of it.  Interestingly the desire for a freehold property also made the top 10, with most apartments being sold as leasehold, it highlights that buyers are looking for a property on land that they own.

Although these searches are a great guide to what buyers are seeking, there are many regional variations therefore it is always worth popping into your local branch of Bidmead Cook to see what the trends are in your specific area.