What features will help sell your home?

It is always interesting to read new research to find out what the current trends are.  Some seem obvious and others surprising, and to most buyers the top feature listed in GoCompare.com Home Insurance’s 20 must-have features for buyers should come as standard.  We take a deeper look into these in-demand features and the surprises we found along the way.

“We found that many potential buyers are prioritising efficiency, security and connectivity over aesthetic features. This suggests that modern buyers are buying with their heads rather than their hearts and that investing in things like a new boiler, additional electrical sockets or modernising your home’s insulation could be a smarter choice than traditional selling points such as period features or conservatories,” said Matt Sanders from Gocompare.com Home Insurance regarding the survey.

At number 1 on the list is central heating. You would expect to see this feature in the majority of homes on the market, but for those that don’t have this modern essential, having it installed can seem like a huge investment for a potential buyer - so much so that it could actually make them walk away.  Other top priorities include double-glazing and secure walls and windows.

It came as no surprise to see that good and reliable broadband and plenty of electrical sockets also made the top 10.  With more and more people working from home, or desiring the latest gadget, a strong connection for live streaming and the ability to charge plenty of devices are clearly features that half of those surveyed just couldn’t live without.

The most surprising result of the research was that only 13% of those questioned stated that being close to a good local school would be a deciding factor when it came to purchasing a home.  This meant that good schools didn’t make their top 20 list, along with open plan kitchens and living spaces, and period features. So what does this say about today’s buyers?

“Our research shows that buyers are becoming more financially savvy and are willing to make compromises on the finer details of a property to keep costs down and avoid expensive work in the future,” remarked Matt Sanders.

When it comes to a home’s outdoor space, 65% of respondents stated that they would be looking for a property with a garden, whereas only 39% listed a garage as a must-have feature.  Yet off-road parking, or a designated parking space was at number 5 on the list, showing that whilst drivers do want a safe location for their vehicles it doesn’t have to be a private garage.

Other features that made their top 20 include:

  • Local shops and amenities
  • Friendly neighbours
  • At least two toilets
  • A bath
  • A good energy efficiency rating

These findings, although fascinating, do give us an insight into many of the buyers looking for a property, but it’s not the full picture that we see on a daily basis.  There are many potential buyers looking for that idyllic country home full of period features, and those who will always focus their search around school catchment areas.  What it does confirm is that buyers are more commonly starting their search with their heads - although we tend to find that, in most cases, what the heart wants, it gets!

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