What the M&S Christmas advert teaches us about Lettings....

The battle of the Christmas adverts was extremely interesting this year. John Lewis is normally considered the winner with a heart-warming offering; but this year they changed tack, and another big brand seems to have captured our attention. The glamorous Mrs Claus in the M&S advert tells the warming story of a young boy who wants to give a special gift to his sister. The story is simple, yet they have made an advert that is sleek, elegant and still tugs at our heartstrings.


So what does this advert have to do with lettings? We don’t have a snow scooter, a helicopter or a wardrobe filled with special gifts, but what we do have is our own touch of red-coloured sparkle. As the advert shows, everything is not as it seems, the boy explains that “you might not think I love my sister very much, but I do.”


Managing a property is very much about understanding things from two different viewpoints, just like the brother and sister in the advert. We need to ensure that both the needs of the landlord and the tenant are taken into consideration, and when we get it right, it really does feel like Christmas every day.


We cannot forget the details; just as Mrs Claus eats the mince pies, it is sometimes the little touches you can’t see that make all the difference. Being proactive in our approach to maintenance, from those catch up calls with landlords just to let them know all is OK, to making the letting process smooth and swift, each little detail we get right adds to the experience you receive as a landlord or tenant.


We don’t need to give you a flashy gift to make your tenancy a success, we just need to listen, react and be thoughtful with regard to your needs. By consistently doing this, we bring a little magic:


““Bidmead Cook was brilliant with me. Viewed the house on Tuesday, paid the deposit Wednesday afternoon. I had a call on the Friday to say I'd been accepted and I pick up the keys tomorrow (Monday) really happy with the service! Danielle Heggie, Tenant.


Your experience with Bidmead Cook is designed to be memorable; we are here to support you for the long-term, not the short. Whether you decide to buy a property, upsize or downsize, our team will guide you each step of the way. Bidmead Cook are your agent for life, not just for Christmas.