Why all landlords need to keep in touch

As a letting agent we support all our landlords whether they decide to use our management facility or not, yet those who self-manage often think that they are on their own.  There are many advantages to having an experienced letting agent such as ourselves managing your property.  Not only can we take away some of the daily stress and strain but we can also help you to ensure that you and your property remain compliant.

There is no doubt that the lettings industry is an evolving beast, one which we have to keep a close eye on so that we never miss any changes.  Being part of regulating bodies, means we are always kept abreast of every new and altered regulation and piece of legislation.  According to The Association of Residential Letting Agents earlier this year there are now 145 pieces of legislation you need to follow when you become a landlord.

Therefore, there is no doubt with the volume of legislation required that landlords can easily feel overwhelmed and at times completely confused.  Not every change or new addition is documented in the national press; it is down to you to keep updated at all times.  As letting agents we are not just kept informed and fully briefed any new legalisation but we often undertake training courses so we can provide each and every landlord with the best possible advice.

The advantage of our managed properties is that we are naturally in touch with these landlords, providing them with all the information they need to remain compliant and advising them on any futureproofing measures they may need to undertake.  This effective communication benefits all parties in that we know that the property we are managing is compliant, the landlord and be at ease knowing everything is being undertaken correctly thus giving the tenant peace of mind too.

That’s not to say that self-managed properties do not have the same sense of security, just that as such a landlord, the sole responsibility of keeping up-to-date is down to you, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  We always encourage any landlord to stay in touch, just because you are not utilising our management services doesn’t mean that we are not there to provide support and guidance.

Our lettings teams are always here to provide the necessary clarity you may need on changing legislation, thus giving you the confidence that you’re always compliant.  On request we can provide you with specific feedback on how any changes in legalisation affect you and your property.

With Bidmead Cook you are never letting alone, so take advantage of our expertise and allow us to support you with your portfolio whether we manage your properties or not.