Why compromise is the key to success for first time buyers

You dream of owning your first home; you’ve pictured what it will look like, how it will feel, and even probably furnished it in your head. You may have a long list of requirements, things that you believe you ‘need’, and a property that meets these needs will be your dream home.  But are your requirements hindering your property search, and is compromise really the key to your success as a first time buyer?

According to a recent survey by Post Office Money, 70% of those who have purchased a home within the last two years found that their ambitions were realised when they decided to compromise. 

But we think compromise is the wrong word, as it alludes to you having to give up something, and we know that when you find that first home you won’t be feeling like you’ve lost.

The reality is that for most house hunters, whether they are buying their first home or their tenth, what you think you are looking for is normally not what you end up purchasing. As you start to have a look at the properties in your price range, you’ll get a feel for what is important to you.

You may look at those in your ideal location, and realise that actually you can get more for your money a little further afield, and suddenly your ‘need’ to live on a certain street or in a particular town completely vanishes and opens the doors to an exciting wealth of properties for you to view.

Equally, it might be that a house was your preferred property, but upon seeing what apartment living can give you, your mind-set might change as you imagine all your friends coming round for drinks in the cool open plan living area.

Over the years we have moved thousands of people into new homes, and we have seen their faces light up when they find ‘the one’. We have also witnessed the frustration when no property on their list matches their ideal.  So how can you find the one? When you have the courage to throw away your wish list.

Trust us, be open, and be honest. Your first viewing with us will give so much away; we’ll get a sense of what really matters to you, you could say it’s our super power.  Your honest feedback on the property will allow us to understand you, and how you want to live. 

Trust us to show you new possibilities. Allow us to show you what we think would suit you, and be open to seeing the positives in other types of properties. We are skilled match makers, sometimes matching buyer and property at an alarming rate.  We’re not asking you to compromise, just to sample everything the property market can offer you.

As soon as you decide to broaden your horizons, you will soon find that ideal first home, and before you know it the keys will be in your hand.

Life is all about experiences, so take those blinkers off and let Bidmead Cook show you the way home.