Why our approach works

Selling your home is a huge decision, but who do you trust to seal the deal? Choosing an estate agent should never be taken lightly, as your home is your biggest asset.  With several estate agents in your area all vying for your business, how can you ensure that you choose the agent that will be best for you and your property?

You, of course, want the highest possible purchase price for your property, so it’s no wonder that a high valuation figure is extremely enticing. It is always advisable to do your own research, but you should also get more than one opinion.  If you receive a valuation that is not in line with the rest, you need to ask yourself why.

We are operating in a very price-driven marketplace, and sadly some of our competitors are seeking to overvalue your property to win your business. But as with all good things, there is a catch, and this one will cost you emotionally and financially.

Today’s buyers will have done their homework, and if a property seems overpriced they will more than likely not book a viewing. This happened in our Brynmawr branch recently when they listed a property that had been overpriced and on the market with another agent for 6 months, and as a result had attracted no viewings. 

If an estate agent overprices your property after a while you will be asked to reduce the price to encourage viewings. This can feel frustrating and can also ring alarm bells in the minds of buyers.  Over time your agent may chip away at your advertised purchase price in a hope to attract viewings.  

After being on the market for over 6 weeks your property can become stale; the longer it is listed, the more questions arise in the minds of potential buyers. Why hasn’t it sold? What hidden issues are putting other buyers off? The longer it sits on property portals such as Rightmove, the more unattractive it becomes.

So why would we take the risk of accepting a property that has been on with another agent for 6 months, knowing the perception that will be amongst buyers?

We are confident in our valuation methods. We know what is realistic in today’s market within the local area; this is the advantage of being local, living local and selling local. By reinvigorating the marketing strategy and also investing our money in the right marketing and advertising methods, we know that we can re-launch your property and start to attract buyers again.

So did we succeed with the property in Brynmawr? Of course we did. In fact, the property sold on the second viewing with only three weeks of advertising.  We know how to get it right FIRST time, which is why our approach works.

According to Rightmove, our Brynmawr property listings are on the market for 25% less time than those of the agent with the biggest market share in the area. They may have more properties on the market, but we know how to get them sold. 

When you start looking for an estate agent to sell your home, don’t be afraid to ask the difficult questions and also for evidence of results. We demonstrate how our approach works through facts and success stories, not fiction.

To find out the value of your property and how our approach could work for you and your property, contact our local branch today.