There are several ways to buy a property, and one of them is at auction. If you are looking to buy a property to renovate, or you’re hoping to purchase at below market value, then you may have decided that an auction is the best route for you.

However, we have put together 5 (tongue in cheek) reasons why you shouldn’t buy at auction.

1. The catalogue We know you want a surprise when you are buying, but sadly you will get a detailed catalogue of all the properties up for auction. Even worse, you can spend hours perusing the pages, creating a short list of those that are of interest.

2. View before you buy Not only can you view the properties in the catalogue, but if you contact us prior to the auction we can even arrange for you to attend one of our viewing days (we would always advise you take a builder or architect so you can get an idea of the costs).

3. No Mañana We are dreaming of the relaxed Spanish style way of live, where everything is Mañana, but no such luck. Before you have even tasted your tapas or drunk your sangria, your sale will have nearly completed. Shockingly, it can be as quick as five weeks to completion.

4. Complete with tenants We know you wanted the pain of having to find tenants for your property, go through the referencing process and spend time getting your property ready to rent. But we’re afraid we are seeing more and more properties being sold at auction that are already tenanted – the horror!

5. Saving money You want to get what you pay for, and in your eyes there is no such thing as a bargain; therefore buying at auction where you can purchase a property below the asking price is simply not acceptable. If you still wish to explore buying or selling at auction, and receive our catalogue, arrange a viewing, fast completion, pre-tenanted properties, and big savings, then contact a member of our auction team, who will be only too happy to help you.